To The Worlds


Five years ago, the Canadian National Adult Figure Skating Competition, which usually is held in eastern Canada, took place in Kamloops, BC.

Because it was so close to us, the three adult skaters in our club decided, "Why not try"? We came home that year with two medals, a Gold and a Bronze national title. We were hooked.

We got a lot of press with those unexpected wins and calls started coming in from skaters across the valley looking for a club that would accept adults.

Each year since, our little group has grown in numbers and enthusiasm, competing in local and Canadian events.

2016 saw the first international adult competition in Canada and four of the skaters spent the summer scrounging ice time and training in local parks. They worked hard, never expecting to win. But win they did and more people took up the challenge the following year.

Last summer we sent 6 adults to Vancouver and they brought home 9 medals in their various competitions.

NOW...for the biggest challenge of their lives, eight skaters are hoping to attend the International Skating Union's Adult Figure Skating Championships in Germany where last year over 500 skaters from 36 countries competed for world titles.

Our talented group is off and skating... "To the Worlds".
This wildly diverse group of women have one thing in common: their love of skating.
Their off-ice lives are as complicated and individualistic as their on-ice routines.
  1. Karen Smith
    Karen Smith
    Karen is the unofficial captain of the team and at 46 years old is back skating after having children. She balances "as much ice-time as possible - to pursue her dream" with home-schooling 3 little ones.
  2. Jacqueline Parser
    Jacqueline Parser
    After years of sewing skating dresses and sitting in rinks watching her daughters skate, upon retirement Jacqueline made herself a dress and is on the ice fulfilling her biggest childhood dream.
  3. Henrietta Penney
    Henrietta Penney
    76 year old Henrietta is back to skating after decades off the ice. Don't let her whimsical skate fool you, she's a world renowned Autism Specialist running two schools serving children with autism.
  4. Donna Bergvinson
    Donna Bergvinson
    Donna is Chinese Canadian and didn't get to skate when she was little. She is out to gather as many medals as possible before her dad turns 100 this winter. "Sometimes you get a 2nd chance".
  5. Maureen Barnes
    Maureen Barnes
    Maureen lost her husband a few years ago and came back to skating to "escape the four walls at home". She's skated her way into all our hearts and someone else's. At 74, she's recently become engaged.
  6. Wendy Ord
    Wendy Ord
    Wendy only took up skating at 50 years old after a divorce and move across the country. Skating, for her is friendship & an escape from her stressful life in the film least it used to be.
  7. Isabella Ciocoiu
    Isabella Ciocoiu
    Originally from Romania, Isabella's an engineer but in contradiction has an old country remedy for everything, (usually involving cabbage). Also, behind this tiny dancer lurks our fiercest competitor.
  8. Donna Good
    Donna Good
    Donna, (78) was a career coach and still skates after double hip replacement surgery. She's due for back surgery 2 months from now but she's out there on the ice, dreaming she'll get to the worlds.
  1. Mountain Lake Films
    Mountain Lake Films is headed by award winning filmmakers Wendy Ord and Glen Samuel. The duo have a combined 45 years in the Film & Television Industry.
  2. Wendy Ord
    Ord was the first female first Assistant Director in Canada and began directing in 1994. Her debut feature film, Black Swan (2003) won Festival awards and sold to over 30 countries worldwide. She's since helmed multiple critically acclaimed projects.
  3. Glen Samuel
    Samuel started in the business winning massive acclaim for his first feature screenplay, "The Lesser Evil". His 30 minute Drama, "TORA", starring David Suzuki won or was nominated for dozens of prizes around the globe and is now airing on CBC.
  4. Documentary
    Their recent documentary "Fight or Flight", about the wildfire in Rock Creek and the residents who defied evacuation orders to fight the fire themselves is currently airing on BRAVO TV.
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    We write, shoot and produce projects from dramatic feature films to television documentaries as well as a broad range of commercial projects.


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